A new way of thinking

Our Perth-based team is built with the minds of highly-skilled property managers and top software engineers. By making property management a more efficient and transparent experience we can pass on savings and higher quality service to owners like you.

We're on a mission

Akora is built for property owners, by property owners. We were tired of worrying if our property was being properly looked after or if we were actually receiving the level of service we were paying for.

By looking hard at the industry it was easy to see the inefficiencies that were causing these all-too-common problems.

We assembled our team of industry experts and software engineers to create the Akora platform, a solution purpose-built to give more time to our team of property managers and empower our clients with greater access to their rental and property information that frankly, they should have always had.

We rebuilt property management from the ground up to be more efficient, work smarter and utilise automation which allowed us to offer a higher-quality service and reduced our management costs, savings we pass directly onto our clients. We are continually growing and building our service to stay at the forefront of the industry and find solutions for issues owners and tenants are facing.

Because that's the way property management should be.

Operations leadership

Barkley started his first business at 18 and is still going strong. He has personally managed over $200 million in projects as a mechanical engineer at a large mining company, before starting Akora in 2017. Barkley is responsible for leading the overall direction of the company.

Barkley Day

General Manager & Co-founder

Rachel is our incredibly talented licensee and operations manager. She uses her exceptional relationship skills and first hand experience in the industry to build and enhance Akora's property management operations. She is responsible for keeping each of our clients as happy as possible, whether they are owners or tenants.

Rachel Hannah

Lead Property Manager & Co-founder

Mission builders

Farai has over 7 years experience in commercial contract management, and is also an engineering lead for billion-dollar iron ore processing plants. Farai is responsible for managing the direction of Akora's product.

Farai Ikeleng

Product Manager & Co-founder

Nikolaus has extensive experience in full-stack software development, web development and software architecture. He is the architect for the entire technical side of our business, responsible for delivering our amazing platform to all of our uses, reliably and securely.

Nikolaus Wust

Lead Engineer & Co-founder

Callum is one of our amazing full-stack developers, and was our first hire as a company. He is especially well experienced in front-end development and search engine optimisation. Callum is responsible for developing various components of our platform as well as our overall user-experience on the front-end.

Callum Ingley

Software Engineer

Alex is also a full-stack developer with extensive experience in custom web application development from all industries. Alex's focus is mainly on the back-end development of Akora where he's responsible for executing some of the core platform functions.

Alexander Rafferty

Software Engineer

Demelza Leonard brings 11 years experience in marketing and media to the Akora team. Working with businesses all over Australia in a range of industries, we are excited to see how Akora can drive and push further barriers with Demelza and her expertise at our marketing helm.

Demelza Leonard

Marketing Lead

Brad has over 18 years experience in the design industry, has worked with businesses nationally and internationally, and is well versed in the execution of marketing materials including advertising, re-branding, illustration, campaigns and print.

Brad Small

Graphics Designer