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You get complete access to the Akora Portal and all information relating to your properties.  
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Akora manages your property


Create an


We'll find you a tenant (if you need one)


You pay a fixed monthly fee


Keep up to date via the portal

It's easy and it's free.
Create your account, add your properties, and you're good to go. Or we can do this for you!

We'll find you a tenant (for a fixed fee) and action all the checks needed for a good match, so you save time and money.

Once your tenant moves in,
you'll only pay $150 per month.
We manage them and take care of your property.

Both you and your tenant
have full access to the Akora platform, so everyone is kept in the loop.


You manage your property



How do I transfer from my current agent to Akora?

Very simply, we can send an email template giving your current agent the required notice as per your instruction, including a checklist of what documents are needed. Alternatively, we can send you the transfer of management template; you can send this to your current agent and CC us in. It's up to you! Either way the transition will be seamless.


What if my tenant defaults on rent?

It starts with the extra care we take at the selection process when looking for new tenants reducing the possibility that a tenant would need to be pursued for rental arrears as per their references, past rental history, and security checks that we conduct.

If this unfortunately does occur, we have our payment system set up so that automatic reminders will be sent from 1 day in arrears alerting tenants for action. We'll call the tenant by the second day in arrears in addition to automatic message being sent again informing them again. By the third day a breach notice can be automatically generated, giving the tenant 14 days to rectify. If the arrears continue, a termination will follow giving the tenant an additional 7 days, ending with an eviction if not rectified. We will represent you in court as needed. You will be able to view the complete process on your owner platform, in addition to updates as per the communication you would prefer with your property manager. This is a transparent process to alleviate any unnecessary concern as to what is being actioned to rectify the situation as promptly as possible.


Do I need to be tech-savvy to use the platform?

Absolutely not! The platform has been designed with simplicity in mind so that it will enhance your tenancy experience, and not add another chore to your already busy life. If you would like any further guidance or assistance we would love to help you, please get in touch and let us know what you need.


Will maintenance issues be sorted promptly?

Absolutely! Maintenance is a crucial aspect of keeping your property in good condition, ensuring your tenants are looked after when issues are raised. We pride ourselves on timely responses to matters raised deeming that maintenance is required necessary. We have engaged with highly efficient contractors who are aligned with us in our purpose to deliver a quality service at a competitive price to our owners, while giving your tenants a prompt reliable service. Using your owner platform, you're able to view all maintenance raised and actioned, and any quotes sent through to assist with the transparent approach to deliver more efficient resolutions.

What you can expect.

Flat fee.
No matter what.

Our monthly fixed fee is not based on the rent received and includes all aspects of your management experience.  

Free landlord insurance.

We offer free landlord insurance that is included in your fixed fee. If you choose to use your own insurance, no problem!

Guaranteed rent. Every month.

The insurance offered in our fixed management fee allows us to guarantee your rent up for up to 18 weeks.

Akora portal.
Easy updates.

Instantly see relevant status updates for inspections, rent paid and owed, documents signed and sent, and much more.

Not to mention...

24/7 access to our online platform

Smooth & stress free inspections

Easy maintenance requests

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